Making a treasure hunt

making a treasure hunt

How to Make an Amazing Treasure Hunt for Kids. Whether it's too cold to play outside, a birthday party, or just an ordinary day, treasure hunts are a great and. A guide to the basics you'll need to consider when making your own treasure hunt. Plus information on clue making /themes and treasure!. So to relive the fun, I am excited to share our clues and happy treasure hunters in the midst of their hunt, as well as, share the simple steps to create your own.


WE FOUND ANOTHER REAL TREASURE CHEST! EVEN MORE EPIC TREASURE HUNT! You can also make invisible inkletting the kids figure out what to do with the "blank" clue on their. Thank you so much for simplifying things for me. Resist the urge to help them too. I searched for this on bing. I think it will be so much fun to be able to do this with grandkids one day.


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