Anne from little britain

anne from little britain

Little Britain Ann - Xmas. Little Britain - Carol Beer - Travel Agency - Disney World. by Hyperbolic 3. Anne is a patient at the Steven Spielberg Phychiatric Hospital in Little Bentcock who is under Related Characters ‎: ‎Dr. Lawrence, Doctor Bea. +Daniel Williamson i assumed she was retarded, but she's shown to be behaving normally until she sees matt. anne from little britain Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. The best part, though, is when Anne suddenly becomes normal while speaking on desperate housewives schauen phone after destroying some sort of public property. Matt Lucas David Walliams Paul Putner Steve Furst. Anne painted a picture out of poo, and when everyone at the hospital celebrated Christmas, Anne decorated the day room, and wrote Merry Xmas in excermant. Anne ocasionally speaks normally, although this is usually only on the phone or in Stars in their Eyes and in a male voice.


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